The AGE LIMIT is 18 years as of February 1, 2018, except for vocalists, gambists, harpsichordists, organists, and accompanists who may be as old as 20 years on that date. Young unchanged voices are welcome.

MUSIC must be identified by Schmieder index number, as listed in the current Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (BWV) catalog of works composed or arranged by J. S. Bach. Urtext (authentic) editions are highly recommended. Recommended editions of Bach's works are Henle, Barenreiter, and Peters. Transcriptions (but not arrangements) for modern instruments may be entered. Suites and concerti may be submitted by selected movements or as complete works. Please Email juniorbach@earthlink.net if there are questions regarding eligibility of entries.

MEMORIZATION is required for solo performance on all instruments, with the exception
of organ and harpsichord. Members of ensembles, defined as 2 or more players, may
use music. This includes concertos with keyboard accompaniment, although
memorization by the solo instrument is still encouraged. 

PLAYING TIME in minutes must be stated accurately. Suites and concerti may be
submitted by selected movements or complete. Judges reserve the option to select only
certain movements for Festival performance. Complete works rarely exceed 20 minutes.
An entry may consist of more than a single short piece (but not more than 3 compatible
pieces) on the same instrument, providing total audition time does not exceed 10
minutes. Repeats should not be played unless ornamented differently. Da capo repeats
are permitted, but factor that into duration calculations.

ACCOMPANIMENT: Although original instrumentation is preferred, solo works requiring
a chamber ensemble may be auditioned with a keyboard reduction instead. In Festival
performance, keyboard accompaniment may be replaced or supplemented by an
ensemble assembled by Junior Bach if available. The keyboard part of a duo or trio
sonata is not an accompaniment. Sonata keyboard performers are therefore subject to
the appropriate age limits… 18 for pianists, 20 for organists and harpsichordists.

CHORAL GROUPS & CHAMBER ENSEMBLES up to 16 members are preferably
auditioned live. Larger groups will be auditioned by recording only. For choruses,
audition accompaniment by the group’s usual adult accompanist is acceptable, though
substitution by a student accompanist or youth ensemble for Festival performance is

JUDGING: Panels of qualified judges chosen by the Association hear all auditions.
Judges may halt an audition before completion of the piece, and may select only
portions of larger works for performance.