JUNIOR BACH FESTIVAL is dedicated to touching young lives by promoting the study and performance of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Presented annually about the time of Bach's birthday, March 21, the Festival features in concert some of the finest young musical talent in California, chosen by audition.

We hope you enjoy the following pictures from Festival 2013:

The Junior Bach Festival is filled with a large number and variety of instrumental performances by some of our area’s finest students. A few pictures of these fine students follow, giving only a small idea of the warmth and excitement we experience in our Festival.

Cello Close-up From
                JBF 2413

Group Violin Performance at JBF 2013

Violin Performance from JBF 2013

An other angle from Violin Group Performance,
                JBF 2013

Marimba and Bach, JBF 2013

Concentration,JBF 2013

Guitar Technique, JBF 2013

Solo Piano, JBF 2013

Solo Violin, JBF 2013

Organ Performance, JBF 2013
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